Are you worrying about the past or future?

Are you worrying about the past or future?

How much of your time do you spend getting caught up in thoughts about the past or worrying about what might happen in the future? 

We often find that we spend hours of our days thinking about the past or what might happen in the future. In doing so, we often miss out on being... More..

Self-care at Christmas time

Self-care at Christmas time

Christmas is often thought of as a time for family and friends – a time to unwind and get into the spirit of giving.  

However, for many Christmas can be a source of additional stress or a reminder of losses of family or friends.  It is important to be extra mindful of ... More..

Social Media Safety

Safety on Social Media - Tips to Keep you Safe When Using Social Media

Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram …… It seems there is a new social media site every time we log on to our computers.  With the differing sites comes a confusion over security and privacy settings.  So many of us get caught up with sharing of information on social medi... More..


What counselling involves and what you can expect

Hi! I am a counsellor within Relationship Australia Queensland’s Victims Counselling and Support Service and I wanted to write a little about what counselling actually involves and what people can expect when they book in to see a counsellor. I find this is a common question whi... More..